Creating a Style Forward Instagram Feed

How Can I make My Instagram Feed More Trendy? 

Don’t you love when you go to an Instagram feed that instantly catches your attention and has your mind craving more? Trust us when we tell you that this is not by accident. Being that Instagram is a visually based platform, it’s all about aesthetics. And the brands, influencers and users that are creating this type of eye catching experience are finding success in their carefully curated feeds. So how do you create a style forward Instagram feed? 

If you’re trying to stand out in a sea full of businesses looking to grab as many people’s attention as possible, you’re going to need to adhere to some structural decisions along the way. This is easier said than done, because there are many different elements to creating and sticking to a cohesive look for your feed. But we have some tips to help you create and maintain a style forward Instagram feed that will surely land your content on the explore page.

4 Tips for a Style Forward Instagram Feed


style forward instagram feed

Know why you’re posting. Every Instagram should have a reason, whether it’s a personal account of your life or a visual story of your brand. When someone looks at your IG feed, you don’t want them to ask themselves what it is you do. Users want to know what they should expect from you content wise and this should not only be reflected in your bio, but in the content your sharing as well. You want that person to have an idea of what it is you do as soon as they get to your feed. By staying focused on a theme, you can create more cohesion in your IG feed.


Redundancy is a killer, especially on Instagram. In general, people these days have much shorter attention spans. Think about how you scroll through your IG feed. You probably aren’t spending more than 3-5 seconds looking at each post. If you notice that an account you follow is posting similar posts all the time, you are either going to stop looking at their content all together or just scroll right past. That’s why variety in your posts is so important for a style forward and trend setting IG feed. Keep your feed interesting by posting a variety of content so that your users stay engaged with you or your business. 

Color Blocking

style forward instagram feed with color blocking

Your feed should not only flow as far as content goes, but colors as well. That doesn’t mean that everything you post should be one color or predominantly one color or set of colors. What it means is that as you’re posting pictures, you want the colors to flow from one to the next. You want to think about how the pictures are going to look next to each other and plan your content accordingly. There are even apps that you can use to plan your feed’s appearence, like Planoly, if you really want to see what your feed will look like. Color blocking is a simple and subtle way to create a cohesive look that keeps the user visually stimulated without even knowing.

Engaging Captions

Getting your audience to engage with your content is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s essential if you’re going to have a trend setting Instagram feed. In order to be a trend setter, you need to have people following you and caring about what you say. Engaging captions keep your audience ready to interact and tuned in to you, as well as build reliability for your business and brand. Whether your brands voice is more casual or buttoned up, you can create engaging captions that are aimed at talking with your audience and not just at them. 

Don’t Forget to Engage

Now, more than ever, one of the most seemingly heavily weighted factors in the current Instagram algorithm is engagement. Not only engagement with your photos, but your engagement with other profiles across the web. By sending active signals from your account, across the app, you have a better chance of increasing your organic reach.

Be sure to always respond to comments left on your photos, and make it a goal to leave at least 3 comments a day on other people’s photos too. You may even try following and engaging with popular hashtags that are related to your industry, and engage with other accounts that are using those hashtags. This will help your content to have a stronger organic reach than it would by only posting and not engaging. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how great your content in your style forward instagram feed is if no one is seeing it.