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Happy Spine Rebranded Website Homepage
Happy Spine Corp. Newport, CA
SCC Labels Orange County, CA
The Harp Inn Homepage Preview
The Harp Inn Costa Mesa, CA
Pepe's Towing Homepage Preview
Pepe's Towing Los Angeles, CA
Cueva Ent. Orange County, CA
Cueva Ent. Orange County, CA
Just Be Hair Web Design
Just Be. Hair by Manon Orange, CA

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Email Campaign for WildLifeRx


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Results Driven Digital Marketing Success Stories


Angie Wisdom Success Story

Our ongoing success story can be found in the work that we are doing for Angie Wisdom, a life and business coach. After connecting with Angie organically through Instagram, we fostered a working relationship to help manage her social media and marketing efforts. Angie has entrusted us with managing her Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing and Website.

Since starting our work together at the end of 2020, we’ve helped Angie hone in on her social branding, have developed an organic engagement strategy and are implementing a targeted content strategy to position her as a thought leader in the industry. We are currently growing her Instagram following by 100+ followers a month through organic engagement strategies that target her main audience and daily value-driven content.

When we first started working with Angie, she was mainly offering one-on-one coaching services. We have worked with Angie to help her launch a quarterly group coaching program, a monthly mastermind group and a morning journal. One of our most successful campaigns was a 4 Week Free Coaching Campaign that gained over 100 sign-ups in the first 72 hours of launching.

Since working together, we have grown Angie’s Instagram following by 3,200 followers and counting, and have grown her email list by more than 500 subscribers.

We continue to work with Angie to make monthly adjustments to her social media strategy and provide her with analytical driven insights that help us to make value-driven decisions for how to best serve her growing community. Looking ahead, we are excited to help Angie with the roll out of a coaching community and help her with her first official book launch!


Pepe's Towing Success Story

Josh from Pepe’s Towing came to us in 2018 with a one page website and 1,000 followers on Instagram. He was ready to break into the niche community of heavy-duty towing content and he came to us to make that happen. Our impact on the Pepe’s Towing presence was two-fold.

Let’s first talk about the Instagram success. While Josh created all the unique, on-the-scene content, we focused our efforts on building the community. The result? We grew the Instagram following from 1K to 10K in the first 12 months of working together.

While the Instagram following grew, we also focused our efforts on improving the website. We took a one page landing page site and built a monster of a website with an about page dialed in with individual city pages, a full list of individual service pages, a frequently asked questions page and a monthly blog.

Today, Pepe’s Towing is one of the most prominent towing companies in Los Angeles. The website ranks #1 for several keywords related to towing and towing company in Los Angeles, LAX, Van Nuys, Long Beach, and the Port of Los Angeles.

During our research and development period to create web copy that we knew would put Pepe’s Towing on the map, we found that most towing companies online were lacking in the form of optimized web content and a consistent blog. We broke into this industry to set a standard and break the stigma that towing companies can’t be cool.

Outside of the website and Instagram, our team worked with Josh to improve the Pepe’s Towing YouTube and Facebook presents as well. Through Josh’s unique video content and our optimized video descriptions, we helped garner over 10K subscribers in roughly 18 months of work on YouTube. Additionally, through weekly boosted content on Facebook, we grew the Facebook following by more than 3K followers.

Not only is Pepe’s Towing a top-rated towing company on and offline, but it’s one of the few with a massive social media presence and a loyal following on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. During the COVD-19 shut down, they had multiple jobs featured on major news media channels and have been on the front cover of Tow Times more than once. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to come alongside Josh’s vision making Pepe’s a viral sensation.


Beauty By Tifini Success Story

We began working with Beauty By Tifini in 2017 as one of our first social media and digital marketing clients. At the time, owner Tifini Hartman, had some success with growing and managing her following on Instagram but was finding that other areas of her business were needing more of her attention. Understanding the importance of a consistent social media presence and a strong brand image, Tifini hired Let’s Bee Social to help with managing her Instagram, strengthening her brand and optimizing her website.


During our 4 years of working together, the Let’s Bee Social team was tasked with cultivating an aesthetic and value-driven feed that showcased the various services, products and personal aspects of the Beauty by Tifini brand. We assisted in developing and implementing a rebranding strategy, facilitated numerous product and service launches and even helped her launch her own skincare and merchandise line.

From the time we started working with Tifini, we wrote bi-monthly blog content for her website that focused on expanding her site’s keyword rankings and improving her overall web presence. Today, that content is some of her top performing web pages. Our blog on How Makeup Affects Your Skin and A Complete Guide to Self Care at Home are both #1 ranking blog posts. She is also ranked on the first page of one of her main target keywords, “Eyebrows Huntington Beach.”

When we first started working on the BBT Instagram, it had a well-established 3,100 followers. Within a year and half of working together, our team grew that number to 10,000 followers. This traction brought both exposure and success to the business, and helped to position Tifini as a beauty expert in the industry. Not only did Tifini begin booking out months in advance, but she began receiving free VIP invites to brow related conferences, free skin and brow items from up and coming brands in the industry, and it opened the door for the launch of her own skincare line.

During the COVID-19 shut down, we worked with Tifini to transition her business to focus on having a strong e-commerce presence to supplement her income and keep her business afloat. We worked with her to design in-home facial kits and created content around promoting the purchase and usage of these kits. Through these sales she continued running her business remotely until she was able to offer in-person services once more.

We’re so thankful for the trust that Tifini placed in our team from the beginning. She saw the potential in us to be able to help her grow and we’re honored to have had the opportunity to work for 4 strong years together to set her beauty empire on the right track to future growth and success.