The Dangers of Over-Automation in Marketing

Written by Content Manager Courtney Lorusso

Over-Automation Isn’t the Answer 

In a digital world, businesses are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and reach more potential customers. There are many ways to go about doing that, but one of the most recent trends is automating certain processes. Chatbots and ads and all kinds of other AI is being integrated into business daily. But at what cost? Here are some of the dangers of over-automation in your marketing strategy.

3 Dangers of Over-Automation in Your Marketing Strategy

Customers and Potential Business Leads Tune You Out

Picture this: You’re scrolling through Facebook, somewhat mindlessly, looking at all the content from your friends and family. And then there’s an ad. Five minutes later, it’s there again. And again. Until finally you get so sick of seeing it that you either tell Facebook you don’t want to see it again or you tune it out. If that’s how you feel, and chances are you have probably felt that way, your audience most likely feels that way too. 

As advertising becomes more and more automated, be weary of advertising your products or services too much. You don’t want to alienate your audience before you even have a chance to connect with them. As an alternative to paying for advertisements to run repeatedly, consider using Facebook’s “Boost” function (which can also be used on Instagram) on one of your strongest social media posts you’re running for the month. 

Instead of throwing your products and services at potential clients or customers, let them see what your brand is all about and engage with them via social media. Strategic use of “Boost” posting can have a much more profound impact than repeated, redundant ads.

It’s Impersonal

As automation becomes more used, especially with things like AI like chatbots being integrated into Facebook, be cautious using them. A 2018 CX Index Report indicated that 75 percent of consumers stopped doing business with a company after a negative experience with their chatbot. Chatbots are impersonal. They’re able to answer generic inquiries like business hours, location or contact information. But they do come with limitations. The reality is, you can’t have a full-on conversation with a chatbot. They aren’t that advanced (yet).  

75 percent of consumers stopped doing business with a company after a negative experience with their chatbot

2018 CX Index Report

When a customer is taking the time to reach out, it’s probably because they need help. Maybe they have an issue with the product or would like to ask questions additional questions about the product before they buy it. Whatever the case may be, they’re searching for personalized help, and when the chatbot or automated service doesn’t provide what they’re looking for, you could lose out on their business. The impersonality of it all is just one of the dangers of over-automation in your business. 

They’re Onto You (Cue dramatic music)

As you’re trying to grow your audience and reach, you may consider using third-party applications to help you. Especially for Instagram, there are apps to help you find followers and clean out your followers. They can be really beneficial when you’re growing your business organically trying to incrementally grow your following using the follow-unfollow method. 

But Instagram and their new algorithm have decided that they don’t want third-party apps to have access as much anymore, and they are starting to block the use of those apps. They levy a heavy penalty for those that aren’t abiding by the rules, sometimes banning the account for a week if they feel that you’ve done too many actions that day on the platform.

Be aware that if you’re still using third-party apps to do the dirty work, Instagram may find out. And if they do, there can be a real disruption in your social feed. But don’t worry, you can still post on your story.

Organic Marketing Strategies 

When it comes to your business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, small or medium sized business owner, automation can really hinder what you’re trying to accomplish. An organic marketing strategy is better suited for smaller companies.

If you’re looking for some guidance as far as the marketing for your business or company goes, Let’s Bee Social would be the perfect place for you to start. Instead of automating, come to us first, and let’s come up with a marketing plan that is going to reach your potential audience and grow your online presence without alienating your audience.