Pivoting Your Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

Ways to Adjust Your Business Strategies for the Times

Marketing during a pandemic

It’s no secret that change and fluidity have become a regular part of every business’s strategy this year. The word we’ve heard used most often when it comes to a successful marketing strategy is pivot, and we couldn’t agree more. These are strange times that we’re living in and many businesses have felt the effects of this pandemic over the last several months. Some businesses are really struggling right now. Employees are being furloughed indefinitely and there’s a whole lot of uncertainty going around. 

But there are some people and businesses out there that have figured out creative ways to stay afloat or modify their business practices during these unprecedented times. With the news cycle still spouting a constant doom and gloom agenda, we wanted to take a moment to bring you some good news and highlight some of the businesses we’ve had the opportunity to help find success over the past few months.  

How to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic

While there may be uncertainty on the horizon, one thing remains true: the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well. Many businesses have made drastic changes to the way they do things. 

A perfect example of this is restaurants. Almost every restaurant has switched over to online ordering now, even when they didn’t offer this service before, your favorite mom and pop shops included. And now, added to that is the adjustment to accommodate for outside and patio dining. With makeshift parking lot patios popping up in every shopping center and downtown area. 

But restaurants are the only ones making smart and necessary changes. Several of our own clients have changed their marketing and business strategies during this pandemic, and we’ve been honored to be a part of helping them shift with success. 

Beauty By Tifini in Huntington Beach, CA

Beauty By Tifini – @beautybytifini

Our Client Beauty by Tifini, like many estheticians and hairstylists, did a total shift to selling online. She started doing curbside pick-up and offering contactless home deliveries of products, including in-home facial kits. This has helped her stay afloat while her studio was closed. 

She’s even started offering viritual skin consultations to be able to take on new clients while also creating lasting impressions on her current client based, showing them she’s still there for them even amidst all this chaos. We all know how important a good beauty routine is, and now her clients can continue at home until she’s able to open again.

As we mentioned before, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. And two of our newest clients are testaments to this. Here are their inspiring stories.

VLB Luxury Design

VLB Luxury Design – www.VLBLuxuryDesign.com

One of our new clients, VLB Luxury Design, decided to take this quarantine as an opportunity to pursue branching out on her own and starting a new business. After 20 years of working with top luxury brands, Vicki Beador is taking her luxury background to the consumer front to offer personal styling, closet editing, interior design and consignment services.

Instead of letting these unprecedented times get the best of her, she took a leap of faith and started her own business. It speaks to not only her character, but her courage to branch out on her own and pursue her dream amidst such uncertainty. And she isn’t the only one who’s done this. 

Cueva Entertainment Services

Cueva Entertainment – @cuevaentertainment

Our newest client Cueva Entertainment has a similar story. After 25 years in the event and entertainment industry, owner Ryan Cueva found himself furloughed indefinitely and decided it was time to branch out and start his own company. 

Cueva Entertainment offers in-home concert experiences, live music, talent booking, wine and spirit curations and more. The entertainment industry has really been affected by this pandemic. But he didn’t let that get in the way of him pursuing his passion and offering unique entertainment services. And it shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing yours.

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