How to Drive Website Clicks on Instagram

Leveraging Your Instagram Profile

Instagram has come a long way since its creation. What started out as an app to share personal photos has turned into a major marketing opportunity for businesses to turn their followings into sales. With that being said, having Instagram in your digital marketing arsenal is a must for any growing business. Yet as digital marketing consultants, we see a number of small businesses missing out on the opportunity to leverage their following altogether.

As a business, you want your Instagram to grab your audiences’ attention and encourage them to learn more. The easiest way to do this is by driving them to your website where they can get the whole scope of your business, product or service. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to drive website clicks from your Instagram.

3 Ways to Drive Website Clicks on Instagram

Before we get started here, it’s important to understand that your Instagram is merely another tool to drive customers to what really matters, your website. Your Instagram needs to showcase your brand aesthetically. But when it comes to the meat and potatoes of your business, you want your customers coming to your website to subscribe to your business, purchase your product or make an appointment. 

Utilize Strong Call to Actions 

Driving traffic from your Instagram to your website is as easy as having a compelling call to action. We’re taught from an early age to follow directions. So, it makes sense that a strong call to action consists of a definitive statement such as:

  • Click the Link in Our Bio to Subscribe
  • Sign Up Now
  • Learn More About _____ Today
  • Get _____ Now Before It’s Gone
  • Look at Our Results 

Much of the time, we see businesses using weak CTAs, and those aren’t going to convert your potential customers to website clicks. In fact, you’ll probably lose their attention all together. Avoid vague statements such as:

  • Do You Want to Learn More?
  • Let Us Know If You Need Our Help
  • Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out for More Info

If you’ve been unsatisfied with the amount of clicks you’re generating from your Instagram, try changing your call to action, especially if it isn’t as compelling as it could be. 

Create a Multi-Link URL

There are third party apps out there that help you to add more value to your IG Bio. One of our favorites is Essentially, they let you spotlight your business in one place. Since IG only allows you to write a short blurb about yourself, you can use to give your customers the option to shop your online store, book a class, subscribe to the newsletter or even read the latest blog.

Instead of listing your website in your IG Bio and having your customers click through to find what they’re looking for, you can use to direct them to the places you want them to go. All these things will push your customers to your website which is ultimately the goal. 

Entice Your Audience

If you aren’t putting out content that’s interesting and enticing to your audience, they aren’t going to want to go to your website. Your IG must know its role. Each social media platform is geared at a different type of consumer. IG is all about the aesthetics and building your credibility through the showing of followers and engagement.

The more enticing and attention grabbing your content is, the more interested people are going to be in your products or services. Your audience should want to learn more about your brand. Drive those website clicks with enticing content combined with strong calls to action.

It All Starts with a Strategy

Small businesses often need help seeing the big picture and leveraging Instagram is only one part. You can use it as a tool to drive website click, but at the end of the day if your website isn’t up to par, you’re going to have a tough time converting that customer.

When you work with Social Media Marketing Companies like Let’s Bee Social, we look at the whole picture, and consider your entire digital footprint when we come up with a strategy for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation, and together we can work towards a winning strategy that successfully drives more traffic to your website.