Increasing Your Local Rankings Through Reviews Management

The Ranking Locally Series

It’s no secret that as a local business you want to rank well in local search results. And while there’s no magic formula that will get you to the top of the rankings overnight, there are some factors that you can control to help improve your ranking among your competition.

In our new and improved Ranking Locally Series on Skillshare, Digital Marketing Expert and owner of Let’s Bee Social Audrey Buchanan reveals some of digital marketing’s best kept secrets for helping you dominate your local rankings. This two part series focuses on two major factors that play into your local ranking: your NAP profile and your review portfolio.

25% of your local ranking hinges on a consistent NAP profile and review signals

Every business is different, and every business is going to have to find the best way to market themselves in this digital world but there are some marketing tactics that work no matter what industry you’re in. That’s why this next class is so vital! It teaches you how to use reviews to increase your local rankings and ultimately grow your brand’s online presence. If you’re ready to dominate your local competition, then this class is for you. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why Local Rankings Matter

Our latest class in this series goes into detail about the best place your business can get reviews online. But before you can start gaining reviews online, you need to have the proper business listings in place and ensure that your business is maintaining a consistent NAP profile across the web.


Since your NAP profile accounts for 15% of signals measured by google to determine your websites local ranking, it’s important to manage your NAP profile and ensure it always has the most recent and accurate information. That’s why we think taking our first class is so important.

You want to build your brand’s online presence on a solid foundation. First with your NAP profile and then with your review portfolio. Throughout this entire series you’ll learn how to take control of your brand’s local presence.

How Will Reviews Benefit My Business?

Reviews are one of the many ways Google gauges the credibility and reliability of a business. Two factors that are key to a high ranking site. Google scans social signals as well as review signals for quantity, quality and consistency.

This next class is going to help you build your online reputation through reviews since having a good reputation is the key to success, especially when you’re growing your online presence. If you don’t have positive reviews associated with your business listing, it can seriously hamper your local rankings. 

Google scans social signals as well as review signals for quantity, quality and consistency.

The Best Place to Get Reviews Online is going to give you a variety of information on not only where to find reviews, but how you go about getting them. It even helps with what happens when a customer leaves you a negative review, and believe us, it’s going to happen eventually. If you’re able to gain enough positive reviews, you’ll most likely start to see an increase in your local rankings.

Start Learning Today

If you haven’t already taken the time to watch the first part of our two-part series on how to increase your local business rankings, we encourage you to do so! It will really give you the information you need to be able to create and manage a wide-ranging NAP profile.

You’ll then be ready to implement all the knowledge and tools you’ll receive in our second part of the series entitled The Best Place to Get Reviews Online. There’s no time like the present to start making a profound impact on your competition online.