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Our most in-depth course to-date. Learn everything you need to know about Email Marketing! Together, we will cover the basics of email marketing from proper list building to successful campaigns and everything in-between. By the end of this course you’ll know how to build an email list, how to write & design a successful email campaign, including subject lines that encourage openings, how to keep your list engaged and have an in-depth understanding of how to measure and adjust for effective email marketing campaigns that encourage clicks & convert sales.

Our most successful course with nearly 1K students! The objective of this class is to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers understand the inner workings of a website. The goal is to provide them with a working knowledge of ever part of a website and how each part functions within the site altogether to successfully showcase their brand, products & content online.

Have you ever wondered why certain business’s appear in that Google Map Section at the top of certain local searches? Wondering how you can get your business to appear there? I’m giving you the 2 secret ingredients to start outranking your competition. Learn how to take control of your business’s local presence in under an hour in this 2-part course!

Ready to Master Your Social Media Presence?

Elevate your IG Game, Engage your Followers Daily & Watch Your Weekly Reach Grow!

As a business owner on Instagram, you have to keep up with the changing times. Now, with Instagram users spending more time browsing stories than scrolling through their feed, it’s imperative to post in your Instagram story every day. But what to post? We’ve taken the guesswork out of your story content with this 31 day Instagram Story Idea Calendar to help you elevate your story game!

The best part? You can rinse and repeat this strategy, move the ideas around, and continue to show up consistently month after month without having to stress about what to post.

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