Viral Reels: 10 Tips for Going Viral

How can I create viral reels?

Posting Reels on Instagram

First things first, what exactly is an Instagram reel? To put it simply, reels are short-form videos on Instagram. Reels allow you to create content that engages your audience and ultimately grows your account’s exposure. As Instagram continues to transform into more than just a photo-sharing platform, this is a feature that isn’t going away anytime soon. To keep it reel, we know video content and Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm can be a bit intimidating. It seems like everyone is going viral and the pressure to start creating reel content can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for some tips for creating viral reels, you’ve come to the right place. Our Reel Experts have compiled a list of 10 tips that will help you become a reel sensation. 

Tip #1: Find your unique niche and run with it!🏃‍♀️

First thing’s first, what will you be posting about? Finding a theme or category for your reel content is essential. Maybe you like to post lifestyle content, cooking content, funny videos, or fashion content, the list of ideas is endless! Users who have niche interests will typically keep coming back to pages that correlate with their niche, and are excited for more content. The sooner that you can find a niche that fits the lifestyle of your ideal customer, the more likely you are to find success.

Why is this important to creating viral reels? The Instagram algorithm is always looking at the numbers. By building a community that supports and shares your content, you’re showing the algorithm that this content needs to be seen by more people which can increase your chances of going viral. 

Tip #2: Sizing your reel correctly matters!📏

When creating viral reels, you have to start with the basics, like proper sizing. Seeing a reel video that doesn’t properly fit the screen is like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Instagram’s algorithm will detect that your content isn’t fitting their aspect ratio correctly and does not prioritize content that does not meet the content standards. Always be sure that your reel content is filmed vertically, fits within a 1080 x 1920 pixel size, and has an aspect ratio of 9:16. 

Tip #3: Say goodbye to watermarks👋

It’s no secret that the majority of video content trends begin on TikTok first. This being said, you may be thinking, “Can I post my TikToks to Instagram?” Sure! But it’s not that simple. Instagram still wants creators to post to their platform first, and can detect when your video has a TikTok watermark. Similar to the proper sizing, Instagram has indicated that it will not prioritize your reel if it’s brandished with a TikTok watermark. 

Try using a website like SnapTik to download your TikTok content with no watermark for seamless cross-posting, and to increase your reel’s performance across platforms. 

Tip #4: ⚠️ Get their attention⚠️

filming a reel

As video content is on the rise, attention spans are on the decline so make your reel content attention-grabbing right off the bat. If the pace of your video is too slow, you’ll lose your chance at having a viral reel, so be sure to make the action start almost immediately. Try to stop the scroll with a transition or attention-grabbing text within the first few seconds. Remember that the idea of a reel is to entertain, not bore. 

Tip #5: Use those viral reel editing elements to your advantage!🤩

In the reel editing feature on Instagram, you will find that there are many Augmented Reality (AR) options for filters, aesthetics, and effects. Not only do AR effects make your reels eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but they can also make the algorithm push your video to become a viral reel, so apply them when you see fit! For instance, Instagram loves when users join in on trending audios. This includes using the audio and creating a reel that imitates the trend. By hopping on this audio-video trend early, you can help skyrocket your views. Whichever AR effects you choose, your creative freedom is reel, and we are here for it.

Tip #6: Bring👏 On👏 The👏Text 👏

Fun fact: It has been estimated that almost 80% of Instagram reel viewers watch without any sound! Keeping this in mind means that the text featured is just as important as the video itself. Don’t forget to always keep your text within the Instagram “safe zone.” The “safe zone” features guides within the reels editing feature to ensure that your content properly fits the viewer’s screens and will not be cut off. Remember, quality at every level is important and that includes the visibility of your text. 

Tip #7: Create a custom reel cover photo🖼

Remember tip #4 and the need to instantly grab your audience’s attention? Let’s take that a step even further with an attractive cover photo. The cover photo will make your reel much more appealing to your followers and will make it stand out amongst other videos! It’s also a chance for you to add an attention grabbing headline or create interest to watch your reel from your feed. The more taps, views, saves and shares, the more chances you have of going viral. More on that in our next tip. 

Tip #8: A call to action they can’t resist 📲

Be sure to include a call to action to encourage your viewers to interact with your video content in some way, shape, or form. They are also a great way to track your follower’s opinions, interests, and impressions. 

Reel Call To Action Ideas: 

  • Double-tap if you agree!
  • Follow for more tips!
  • Comment your ideas below!
  • Share this with your friends!
  • Would you try this? Yes/No

You can also get your audience even more involved by adding an interactive sticker such as a poll, to encourage engagement. When the Instagram algorithm notices that a reel is getting a lot of likes, comments, and shares, the app will begin to promote it to other accounts which will likely result in a viral reel! 

Tip #9: Share, share, share!🗣

Not only should you be sharing your reel video to your main feed grid but you should also post it to your Instagram story! Sharing your content to your story gives it a better shot at gaining more visibility and will help ensure that your followers won’t miss the post. 

Tip #10  #Hashtags are an important part of viral reels 🙌

Hashtags are a key component for any type of post on Instagram! They help the app’s algorithm determine the type of content in your reel and then show it to people who may be interested in it. Try to keep your hashtag strategy unique as using mostly popular hashtags may cause there to be more competition for your reel. Use a healthy balance of popular and niche hashtags to give it a better shot at going viral.

Viral Reels Checklist

Oh hey! Didn’t know you were still here. Stay a while, we’ve got a bonus tip just for you!

You just couldn’t get enough of us, huh? Well, you’re in luck! We have an exclusive bonus tip to make your reels EVEN better and give them a higher chance of going viral!

Bonus tip: Publish your reel at your audience’s peak viewing times🌇

Not every day or every time is the best time to publish your content. Check out when your target audience is most active by clicking on your insights tab! It is important to know when your audience is most active so that your content has the best shot at getting its well-deserved exposure.

In Closing…

Instagram reels don’t have to be all that intimidating! If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to reel greatness in no time. Good luck!

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