Instagram Updates in 2023

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Instagram Keeps Changing! How can we keep up?🤔

Update after update, Instagram is constantly changing things up in the app. As a business owner and user with a to-do list a mile long, it probably feels impossible to keep up with all of these updates! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see some of the most recent and exciting Instagram updates that have come to the app in 2023! 

Get in on the newest Instagram updates from the GET-GO👏

Every time there is a new update, it’s important to stay in the know on how to use the new feature and adjust your current social media marketing strategy based on the newest updates. As we all know, Instagram LOVES when users utilize their unique features, and will be more likely to push your content in the algorithm. 

The latest Instagram Updates are offering creators access to new features in-app. So, don’t be afraid to utilize the new 2023 in-app features such as:

● Adding topics to your reels before posting🗂

● Try adding music to liven up your static posts🎼

● Utilize IG’s new reel editing features🎞

Along with trying out some of these new and useful posting features, don’t forget to always use trending audios, switch up your hashtags, or switch up your call to actions in your captions. 

Utilizing the new Instagram Updates and implementing little changes can make a big impact on your strategy and insights. New features can bring more eyes to your account and a greater potential for new followers. 

try out the new reel editing features in the latest instagram update

NEW features for creators?! Count us in!💁‍♀️

Every time there is a new update, that doesn’t mean changing everything. However, there are some new features that are amazing for business and creative accounts that will make a HUGE difference. Here are 3 new features that have us SO excited:

  • Do you often find yourself having to decide between multiple links to add to your bio? Us too! You can now add up to 5 links to your Instagram bio! Now this is something we can get behind.
  • Are you someone who has to be on top of their reel insights right away? Instagram is rolling out an easier and more in-depth way to view your reel’s success! This will ensure that you can track which reels do and don’t resonate with your audience and you can adjust your strategy as needed.
  • Everyone tells you to keep up with the reel trends…but where can we even see what’s trending? Well, Instagram has now cut your trend research time by adding a “Reels Trends” section to your professional dashboard! All the trends in one hub is a GAME CHANGER.
  • Have you ever stumbled upon a page but you wish you could have a concise summary of what type of content they post without spending extra time combing through their posts? Instagram is slowly adding a new update where you can add topics to the top of your IG page! This will allow your audience and new followers to see what you’re all about. 

With these new updates,  it is important to stay disciplined in posting and test out which new features benefit you, your business, and your page overall!

Create the feed that's best for you

Create the feed that is best FOR YOU🫵

Updates to Instagram mean that more people are going to be able to reach your business. But remember, these updates are intended to create a better experience for you as a creator. Instagram is a tool and not just a sales pitch. So it’s  important that you create content for your audience and not just the algorithm. Stay true to your business’s values and goals among Instagram’s updates. 

Navigate Change with a Social Media Expert 📱

Change can be scary. But that does not mean it is a bad thing! Think of these updates as a way to connect even more with your audience! Little by little, by utilizing Instagram’s new updates, you will see your content performance improve. 

If Instagram’s changing landscape is too much to keep up with as you are growing your business, consider hiring a social media coach! Your expert social media manager turned coach will guide you through building a strong social media strategy and provide one-on-one coaching to help boost your engagement efforts.  Contact us directly to learn more about our coaching packages.